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The possibilities of our AI service

Analyze data

Process and evaluate large volumes of complex data efficiently and quickly using our AI solution.

Make informed decisions

Make automated decisions based on external factors in a short period of time.

Assess objects and areas

Detect defects or characteristics of objects and surfaces with image analysis and evaluate them.

Digital Twin

Digital twins are simulations of an original system. This allows changes to be compared inexpensively.

AI Solution: Your path to success



In cooperation with you, our experts analyze your company’s internal processes and create the basis for your AI solution.



Analyzed processes are evaluated for their ability to be automated and possibilities for improvement through AI.


AI Development

Data that is to be processed is collected and integrated into suitable neural networks and trained.



After successful testing, the finished AI solution is integrated into the process to be optimized and monitored.


The foundation of your AI solution is the analysis. In direct discussions with all those who are responsible, we evaluate which processes and potential data are available or could/must be collected.

With the involvement of our experts, the actual status is recorded and the optimal desired status is defined.

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Künstliche Intelligenz Dienstleister


We work with you to examine whether the processes can be automated using an AI solution. In addition, we check which data sources exist and whether they are sufficient for optimization.

Together with our experts, possible improvement potentials such as cost reduction, time saving and reduction of error frequency are quantified.

Finally, the process selection and target definition is performed.

Advantages of our AI Solution


  • Data collection
    Quality Assurance, Integrity and Relevance
  • Data consolidation
    Process data is standardized and unified
  • Data Analysis Investigation of the specific characteristics and representation
  • Data Transformation
    Data Preparation for AI Training


  • Selection from an existing or creation of one or more new appropriate neural networks for the specific problem.
  • Training on the existing data, applied to the selected neural networks.
  • Evaluate the various results to determine which network architecture best solves the problem.


  • Offering insight into the results to evaluate on which basis the neural network makes the best decisions.
  • Evaluation of the results with in-house experts as to whether these findings of the AI solution are logical and conclusive
  • Finalizing the right model for productive use in the company
AI Lösung

Implementation & Test

Once the appropriate neural network has been defined, the defined AI model is integrated into the process to be optimized.

The process is observed for a defined period of time, and the AI’s decisions are monitored and reviewed.

Subsequently, the generated results of our AI solution are discussed and evaluated.

If required, additional models can also be iteratively integrated into the AI solution and operated.


your AI-Solution

In the final handover, we evaluate the DESIRED state and the added value compared to the initial ACTUAL state at the start of the project. In the process, we describe and document data characteristics and ways of preparation up to the finished AI solution. We hand over the scripts required for AI deployment and the assets created in AI-UI, including a temporary AI-UI user license that can be continuously extended.

Our work is demonstrated in a traceable and reproducible way within our self-developed AI software environment AI-UI and pain points in the model development are discussed.

The results after going live with the model will be presented and any further potential for this and related processes will be highlighted.


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“We want to bring and maintain new innovation and knowledge into organizations through the smart use of AI.”

Neural Networks

With the capabilities of artificial intelligence, we enable abstract data sets to become tangible and generate valuable insights with added value to the business.

Our Mission

We find unidentified data assets in the company and help to make them usable, thus unlocking hidden resources.

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