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Create your own AI models
with the AI software from AI-UI.

Developing AI applications requires time, patience and experience. With AIMS, you can easily create common AI applications through visual linking, without programming skills.

Whether for data pre-processing, model building, evaluation or integration. AIMS not only provides you with a visual construction kit for each of these tasks, but also helps you to better understand, communicate and adapt the AI solution through visualization.

Download now for free:


Windows 10, Windows 11


Ubuntu 22.04 (BASH Script: ./AIMS-

After downloading AIMS, you can start directly with GO BASIC.

If you want to use more freedoms within the software and work faster, there is the possibility of a free registration.

Other software features, such as:

  • Training with GPU
  • Multi ThreadedData Processing
  • AI Wizards

can be purchased within the software.

Also available free of charge:

Integration App

Windows 10, Windows 11

Integration App

Ubuntu 22.04 (BASH Script: ./IApp-

The IApp is used to implement and distribute AI models on different computer systems.

The IApp is installed on any system and can then communicate with AIMS via a network.

AI models created in AIMS can then be sent to the target computer on which the IApp is running, put into production and managed via AIMS.

minimum requirements

recommended requirements

We can also create your AI solution for you!

AIUI – We make AI solutions simple. You don’t need programming skills – our specialists will do that for you.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your request.


Functions & Features

Asset Management


AI-UI provides management for all your datasets, AI models, architectures, integration flows, and workbench projects. Each of these assets can also be exported or imported. This allows you to share your solutions with others or benefit from the solutions of others.



AI-UI offers you a wealth of predefined data transformations. However, if you cannot find the right one for your use case, you can write your own nodes starting with version 1.0.



The AI-UI Workbench invites you to experiment: Use it for analysis and data processing as well as model training and evaluation.

Tensorflow compatible


AI-UI uses Tensorflow/Keras in its belly. Thus, all generated models can also be integrated into your own Python scripts.

Integration Flow Designer


Using our Integration Flow Designer, you can simply drag and drop an interface for your models and integrate them into your existing business environment using REST API.



AI-UI is a rich client application. This means that the entire application and all data is with you on your computer. Except for your login, we do not store any information about how and when you use AI-UI.



The Systematica and touchable architecture modeling designer helps you understand and create complex model architectures. Using transfer learning, you can integrate existing AI models into new AI models or decompose them into their individual neural layers to reuse only parts.



AI-UI uses a client/server architecture. This means that our AI services can be used independently of the UI. Send your data from an external application directly to AI-UI using the REST interface.

Compatible graphics cards

If you have powerful hardware from NVIDIA, you can unleash the full potential of AI-UI. By using a CUDA capable graphics card, you can train and productively use AI models much faster than you would with traditional graphics hardware!

See the following link for a list of NVIDIA graphics cards that support CUDA:



CUDA Toolkit & CUDNN

For optimal operation of a CUDA card, it is necessary to download the “Cuda Toolkit” as well as “CuDNN” from NVIDIA. For CuDNN a free registration at NVIDIA is necessary.


Cuda Toolkit
At least Cuda version 11.2.x is required.


At least CuDNN 8.1.x is required.


Prices & Licenses


Automation Packages

from 1.053€

per Month*


*cheaper when billed anually

Data types

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