The API –
The application

Application Programming Interface

endless integration possibilities

As the most modern and most used interface, we also use the so-called REST API (Application Programming Interface). This universal interface allows us to access the functionality of an application or system, to interact and to integrate AI productively.


It provides a standardized way to pass data and functionality from one system to another.

On premise

In the “On premise” model, the software is installed and operated locally on your hardware.

Only authentication is performed via a login. Data and thus know-how do not reach the Internet.

AI UI Cloud

The AI-UI Cloud is currently still under development and is expected to be available by the end of 2023.

How you can put AI to work for you

Application examples


Effective trading through AI


The use of big data allows AI to develop models that identify and leverage patterns and trends. AIMS makes it possible to realize fast and flexible adjustments to market changes and make better decisions. All this based on trained patterns, emotionless and according to system.

Image Recognition

Reliable labeling and accurate quality assurance through AI.

Artificial intelligence is effectively used to analyze images. By recognizing patterns and objects, it can be used for classification, object tracking and image segmentation. Automated detection of visually detectable defects that are difficult, less reproducible, and time-consuming for human inspectors to identify enables faster and more accurate quality control of your products.


Time series analysis for effective e-commerce


By analyzing historical data via AI, forecasts can be made about future developments. Artificial intelligence helps to improve the effectiveness of e-commerce systems by generating reliable forecasts on, for example, delivery times, price developments and demand.

Document Automation

Save resources through automated document processing


Manually capturing data from documents is time-consuming and often causes errors. By using our AI-based document chatbot, data from documents can be captured and managed automatically.


You will benefit from increased accuracy, automated document processing, and reduced costs. Handwriting can also be recognized and output to a high degree.

For whom is AI UI

Target groups

Whitelabel / Reseller

Deliver the full power of artificial intelligence to your customers.

Do you want to establish your own brand quickly and easily? And without having to invest time and resources in developing your own product solution? AIMS offers you the perfect solution – WhiteLabel. We provide you with our technology and you adapt it to your requirements. You focus on your core business, distribute the solution under your own brand and we support you in development and maintenance. For you, this means: minimum effort – maximum success!

WhiteLabel via AIMS offers you numerous advantages:

  • short development times
  • fast test phases
  • use of OnPremise or AIUI Cloud
  • Highest data security and complete data sovereignty
  • Possibility to upgrade a payment infrastructure

B2B Kunden

Optimize your operations and work processes with our AI.

Discover the many possibilities for the use of artificial intelligence for your company. You develop your customized AI solution with the help of AIMS. To do this, your own data is transferred into your own data model and adapted for your individual processes. AIMS can help you automate complex tasks, base decision making on AI-based data analysis, and make your processes more efficient.

AI via AIMS offers you numerous benefits:

  • Improve quality assurance
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Reduce costs
  • open up new markets

B2C / Community

Create your own AI models
with the AI software from AI-UI.

Become part of our future-oriented community! Use AIMS free of charge for hobby, study, school and/or own further education. With countless examples, we are always looking for partners who share our passion for research and innovation.

AI via AIMS offers you numerous benefits:

  • Develop an understanding of the functionality of Deep Learning
  • no programming knowledge required
  • AI from Germany
  • Collaboration with universities
  • support and cooperation in research projects, bachelor and master theses


Prices & Licenses



from 878€

per month*

Predictions per month



from 1.546€

per month*

Predictions per month



from 6.088€

per month*

Predictions per month



from 10.914€

per month*

Predictions per month

AIMS is free of charge in principle. Functions such as GPU training, AI wizards and others can be booked flexibly within AIMS.

If you have created an AI that you want to use productively, you can put it into production on a target system via the IApp. For this you need an AI AUTOMATION PACKAGE. Depending on the amount of monthly queries you need, we offer the presented packages.

*All prices net / per month. Further packages on request.

Whitelabel Integration

Your external impact – our technology

A whitelabel integration refers to the integration of a third-party technology, platform, or service into a company’s offering, customizing the appearance and functionality of the third-party product so that it appears as a natural part of the company’s offering.


Essentially, this means that the company uses a third-party technology, platform or service, but hides the third-party brand and markets the product under its own brand. End users often don’t even realize that the product or feature is from a third-party vendor.

Get free advice now!

The integration of AI into your work processes offers endless possibilities. If you are undecided or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on how and where artificial intelligence could help your company to grow.



AIUI opens up the field of artificial intelligence to all users. Not familiar with the field of AI? No problem! Through our wizards, even users without special prior knowledge or programming skills can train and use AI systems.

Custom Nodes


The integration of additional code is possible through Custom Nodes. These special and modifiable components of our AI solutions can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements and individual needs.

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