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Artificial Intelligence is making it possible to see our world in a new way. Until now, it was perceived as a highly complex field exploited by some select few experts. Not any more!

With AIUI you can build and train your own neural networks and, here comes the best part – all without any programming knowledge.

Try AI development in a whole new way and use it to your advantage.

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Artificial Intelligence made easy

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Advantages of our ai software


Compared to humans, machines work with a much higher precision because of their fine motor skills.They can also perform tedious repetitive work with a high accuracy level while keeping the error rate to the minimum.


Humans, by nature, get tired after a certain amount of time and need time to relax. Machines, on the other hand, can work 24/7 for you.


Your Know-how and data belong to you. Without cloud or external dependencies. As the saying goes : ”trust is all well and good, but proper supervision is better”. We will always keep it that way.

Increase Profits

Implementation and usage of artificial intelligence will save a variety of costs. Algorithms are cost effective, thereby saving personnel expenditure.

Benefit from artificial intelligence

We will empower your employees with our Software so that they are capable of independently implementing artificial intelligence and neural networks in your company. Or we provide you with our expert team to deliver a complete AI solution for your specific use case.


AI Implementation without programming knowledge


launch and adoption of AI in your company

Frequently asked questions

AI is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence. This technology is commonly used to support and/or automate human decision making processes.

AIUI’s software uses the power of artificial intelligence, for example, to analyze and evaluate numerical data, images or text, or to make predictions.


Using a training algorithm, artificial neurons can be “shaped” in such a way that they understand the underlying data and their background and can perform tasks with this “knowledge”.

A neuron is thus nothing more than a function that establishes a connection between data (input) and what is behind it (output).

AIUI stands for Artificial Intelligence User Interface. It is a software with which one can create a special kind of artificial intelligence (neural networks) via a purely graphical user interface.

AIUI combines the implementation of state-of-the-art AI technologies in Python with current web technologies based on JavaScript for the user interface. The software follows a graphical programming approach, in which repetitive processes in the creation, training and evaluation of neural networks are packaged into reusable units.

These can then be placed, adjusted and connected to complex arrangements via drag & drop. The advantage over an implementation based on program code lies both in the retention of clarity and in the possibility of quickly recombining, testing and analysing the arrangement.

AIUI is a windows platform graphical software to create and optimize neuronal networks

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