Our services

As an AI company, we place great emphasis on providing our customers with the best possible quality of service. Our service begins with a precise analysis of our customers’ requirements and needs. Based on this information, we work closely with our customers to develop customized AI solutions that meet their individual needs.


Once our clients have decided on an AI solution, we assist them with implementation and integration. We ensure that all systems work seamlessly together and that the solution is integrated smoothly into the existing infrastructure.

Our excellent service does not end with the provision of solutions. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that our solutions continue to function optimally and are further optimized as needed.


In addition, we regularly invest in research and development to offer our customers the latest and most innovative AI technologies.


You can rely on us – our service is designed to give our customers a competitive edge by providing them with the tools and support they need to optimize their processes and achieve their business goals.


We look forward to helping you too!


The basis of your AI solution is the analysis. In direct discussions with all those responsible, we evaluate which processes and possible data are available or should be collected. With the involvement of our experts, the current state is recorded and the optimal target state is defined.


After identifying the processes to be optimized, our experts create the proof of concept for you. This proof of concept is carried out with your data to show which solutions we can use to help you achieve your desired individual optimization goal.


Once a suitable solution has been found, the AI model is integrated into the process to be optimized. The process is observed for a defined period of time, and the AI’s decisions are monitored and reviewed.


Subsequently, the results obtained from our AI solution are discussed and evaluated. If necessary, additional models can also be iteratively integrated into the AI solution and operated.

AI Trainer

This group of people is skilled at developing AI models and training others to do so themselves. Training AI models is an important step in the development of AI solutions and usually requires extensive data analysis and modeling skills.

Custom KI Solution

In the final handover, we evaluate the TARGET state and the added value compared to the initial ACTUAL state at the start of the project. In the process, we describe and document data characteristics and ways of preparation up to the finished AI solution. We hand over the scripts required for AI deployment and the assets created in AI-UI, including a temporary AI-UI user license that can be continuously extended.


Our work is demonstrated in a traceable and reproducible manner within our self-developed AI software environment AIMS and pain points in the model development are discussed. The results after going live with the model will be presented and any further potential for this and adjacent processes will be highlighted.

Customization / Individualization

In order to ensure the lasting performance of the AI model, continuous updating is often necessary. This ensures that the model adapts flexibly to changing environmental conditions and continuously develops its capabilities. This is called MLops and is possible within our solution AIMS.

Get free advice now!

The integration of AI into your work processes offers endless possibilities. If you are undecided or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on how and where artificial intelligence could help your company to a new upswing.

Evaluate data

Process and evaluate large volumes of complex data efficiently and quickly using an AI solution.

Make decisions

Make automated decisions based on external factors in a short time.

Evaluate objects and surfaces

Use image analysis to detect and evaluate defects or properties of objects and surfaces.

Create digital twins

Digital twins are simulations of an original system. This allows changes to be compared cost-effectively.


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