System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

version 1.2.4 avaiable now!

AIMS v1.2.4 exe

Microsoft Windows package

After the download, you can directly start with Basic. If you want to have more flexibility within the software, there is the possibility of a free registration to access larger software capabilities.

An Internet connection is required for authentication in all tiers.

Pricing & Licensing

Coming soon plus 90% discount for students!

Performance boost with Cuda

Compatible Graphic Cards

If you have high-performance hardware from NVIDIA, you can unleash the full potential of AI-UI. By using a CUDA capable graphics card, you can train and use AI models in production much faster than you could with traditional graphics hardware. See the following link for a list of NVIDIA graphics cards that support CUDA:

CUDA Toolkit & CuDNN

For optimal use of a CUDA card, it is necessary to download the "Cuda Toolkit" as well as "CuDNN" from NVIDIA. For CuDNN a free registration on NVIDIA is required.

Cuda Toolkit
Minimum CUDA version required: 11.x

Minimum CuDNN version required: 8.0

AI Software

Create your own AI models with AI-UI.

Developing AI applications demands time, patience and experience. With AI-UI, you can easily encapsulate common AI application domains with visual designers and functional nodes.

Whether for data pre-processing, model building or integration. Not only does AI-UI provide you with a visual designer for each of these tasks, it also helps you better understand and customize the AI use case through visualization.


Artificial Intelligence User Interface​

AI-Software Features

Asset Management

AI-UI allows you to manage all your datasets, AI models, architectures, integration flows and workbench projects. Each of these assets can also be exported or imported. This allows you to make your solutions available to others or benefit from the solutions of other AI-UI users.

Integration Flow Designer

Using our Integration Flow Designer, you can simply drag and drop an interface for your models and integrate it into your existing business environment using the REST API.


AI-UI offers you a multitude of predefined data transformations. Nevertheless, if you don't find your use case, you can write your own nodes from version 1.0 onwards.


The Systematica and touchable architecture modeling designer assists you in understanding and creating complex model architectures. Using transfer learning you can integrate existing AI models into new AI models or separate them into their neural layers to reuse only parts of the model.


AI-UI leverages client/server architecture. This means that our AI services can be used independently of the UI. Send your data from an external application directly to AI-UI using the REST interface.


AI-UI is powered by Tensorflow/Keras. Thus all generated models are also integratable into your own Python scripts.


The AI-UI Workbench encourages experimentation: Use it for analysis and data processing as well as model training and evaluation.

Data Protection

AI-UI is a rich client application. This means that the entire application and all your data is on your computer. Except your login, we do not store any information about how and when you use AI-UI.

Why should you choose AIMS?


AI doesn't have to sound so scary. AIUI enables you to gain access to this technology even without extensive programming knowledge. Through modern visualization methods and intuitive user guidance, AI specialists without years of software experience can quickly streamline business processes and fully exploit the benefits of AI.


The general impression is often that the internal workings of neural networks are difficult to explain. This does not have to be the case: With AIUI, the data, data flows, and intermediate results are immediately recognizable - both during training and execution. This allows experts of the modelled business processes to gain insight and continuously improve the modelling.


The current shift towards cloud technologies means that the big players - such as Google and Amazon - own the neural networks that the companies have trained for their competitive advantage. With AIUI, you can determine where your data is and who actually owns it. The edge over your competition remains firmly in your hands.


Artificial intelligence without programming skills