Whitelabel Integration

Your external effect –
our technology

Do you want to establish your own brand quickly and easily? And without having to invest time and resources in developing your own product solution?


AIUI offers you the perfect solution – WhiteLabel.


We provide you with our technology and adapt it to your requirements. You focus on your core business, distribute the solution under your own brand and we take care of the development and maintenance. For you, this means: Minimum effort – maximum success!



The high volume of (handwritten) documents in the office and administration ties up resources, causes costs and harbors sources of error. By using artificial intelligence, you can automate the processing and management of documents and trigger the targeted extraction of information.

System houses
AI Trainer

As a system house, you benefit from a modular architecture to be able to react quickly to dynamically growing topics. With a uniform API, you have constant control over the use of rolled-out AI solutions and thus generate a constantly growing cash flow with each deployed AI.


Via our API connection your software becomes smart! Simple integration of AI function including simple billing. Or simply distribute existing AI models under your own label as a reseller quickly and scalably and without your own in-depth AI expertise thanks to the simple billing model.


Functions / Advantages

Cloud oder
On Premise

“On premise” refers to using our solutions locally on your physical hardware, rather than on a cloud platform or other remote infrastructure. We respect your data and the desire to keep it with you. Only “On premise” will perfectly enable this.

In the future, it will also be possible to use our solutions via cloud login. In this case, you do not need to provide hardware for training and productive use of AI.

via Call

Our billing is done in packages. For you, this means that you only pay for the scope of use that you require. Based on your expected query volume, we tailor the package exactly to your needs.

Extend your own software with AI

AI-UI uses a client/server architecture. This means that our AI services can be used independently of the UI. Send your data from an external application directly to AIMS using the REST interface. With the highest level of data protection, your own software can thus be custom extended with AI.

Get free advice now!

The integration of AI into your work processes offers endless possibilities. If you are undecided or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on how and where artificial intelligence could help your company to a new upswing.



Document processing in many companies and communities is associated with high bureaucratic effort. AI-UI and ciSio have joined forces to use software robots and intelligent document processing to automate processes that were previously impossible to automate.

ciSio translates and takes the complexity out of digitization. Exciting new technologies become available. With ciSio everything becomes easier: the introduction, application, operation and procurement. Ideally suited for medium-sized businesses. Through know-how transfer, ciSio makes medium-sized businesses independent.

By using the AI-UI internal AI document chatbot, it is possible to ask questions to a document and receive automated answers.

No matter if invoice number, Iban, address, or handwritten answer texts on forms of any kind, our AI automatically delivers the answer to your systems, so that processes that could not be automated so far, become automatable.

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