Artificial Intelligence Versatile Assistant

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made in Germany

Our versatile AI assistant AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Versatile Assistant) offers you a wide range of possible applications. Similar to ChatGPT, you can use them to have productive conversations and answer complex questions. The key advantage is that it runs locally and is therefore hosted on-premises on your own systems.


This local implementation ensures that compliance issues do not arise. Your sensitive company information remains securely under your full control and is not transferred externally. This allows your employees or customers to safely access the AI assistant and process sensitive data without worrying about privacy or security.

We create your private ChatGPT alternative

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Easily use ChatGPT without the cloud with sensitive data? AIVA brings the full functionality of a chatbot into your own IT environment. You retain full control over your data at all times.

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100% On-Premise

Functions & Features


By using AI, AIVA can have human-like conversations. Chat with her like you would on a messenger. It offers information, explains facts, writes advertising texts, handles support requests and much more.


AIVA has a wide range of languages. It enables you to translate your company’s internal texts into 20 different languages without confidential information leaving the borders of your company.

Database Q&A

With access to company databases, employees worldwide have the opportunity to ask questions across all data sets and search specifically for answers. AIVA immediately provides both the answer and the corresponding source.


Do you need assistance with programming? Here, too, AIVA provides the solution. Sketch her a program in words and she will provide you with the appropriate code. AIVA efficiently improves, refactors or shortens existing blocks of code. All information provided remains within your corporate sphere.

Document Q&A

AI can be used to obtain information from large individual documents in a very short time. You can use AIVA to search for specific information or create a summary of document content.


Describe a desired image to AIVA in your own words. Using its groundbreaking AI technology, AIVA understands the intent behind the description and creates stunning images for a variety of applications, including advertising and concept illustrations.

individual Chat Assistant


Companyinternal use

Within the company boundaries, AIVA provides valuable support to employees. Her diverse skills span different areas, assisting with various processes, storing knowledge and answering questions. In addition, she helps expand the company’s knowledge base by analyzing data and summarizing information to enable informed decisions.

Companyexternal use

On an external level, AIVA can act as level 0 support and an essential interface between your company and customers. In this role, she assumes the function of a first point of contact for customer inquiries and problems. With the ability to quickly and accurately answer frequently asked questions, she helps relieve customer support and ensures an immediate response to customer needs.


As a result, your customers spend less time waiting for a human response. This improves customer experience and satisfaction.

Data security &
data sovereignty

AIVA is an on-premise solution. It offers the highest level of data security, as it enables you to store and process your sensitive data and information locally, i.e. on your own internal servers and infrastructure. No byte leaves your company uncontrolled.


AIVA is subject to continuous development and is expanded by numerous additional capabilities. This dynamic gives you and your employees access to the latest AI innovations without having to give up internal knowledge in the cloud. This approach increases productivity and competitiveness in a wide range of business areas – all within a single, integrated system.

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