Artificial Intelligence Question Answering

  • standalone AI tool for integration into existing software
  • easy integration through simple REST API
  • payment structure/management already included
  • data security, no cloud, runs locally/on-premise on-premise

AIQA (Artificial Intelligence Question Answering) was developed specifically for document automation. By using Artificial Intelligence on-premise, the creation, processing, management and evaluation of your documents is automated and thus immensely simplified. AIQA can help your organization work more efficiently and improve document quality and accuracy in a variety of ways.


Works best with the following document types:
Housing subsidy application, invoices, direct debit mandate, contracts, documentations, but also many more!


Functions & Features

Text recognition

AIQA recognizes text in your scanned documents and can extract it. For example, you can use it to automatically identify important information such as names, addresses or invoice data in documents.


By using AI algorithms, large volumes of documents can be efficiently analyzed and classified into different categories. Using training data and AI algorithms, AIQA learns to recognize text patterns and make precise classifications.

Automatic data entry

AI can be used to automatically enter data from different documents into databases or other systems. For example, you can have AIQA read invoices and transfer the information relevant to you into your accounting system.

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The integration of AI into your work processes offers endless possibilities. If you are undecided or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on how and where artificial intelligence could help your company to grow.



Save time and increase efficiency

Document processing with AIQA allows you to automate repetitive tasks that normally take a lot of time. AI can extract the relevant information, analyze documents, classify content and automatically fill in templates. This significantly reduces manual effort and shortens turnaround times – making the entire document management process more efficient.

Error reduction

When processing documents manually, there is a high risk of human error. AIQA, on the other hand, can perform data extraction and processing very precisely. The probability of errors and inaccuracies is thus minimized, resulting in higher accuracy and quality of the processed documents.


Automating document processes with AIQA enables you to process large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently. Your company can easily scale and handle high document volumes without having to deploy additional resources.


AI-based document automation with AIQA ensures a high level of consistency in the creation and formatting of documents. Authoritative templates and guidelines can be easily applied to ensure that all data or documents are uniformly designed and comply with internal and external standards.

Cost savings

The automation of document processes with AIQA leads to significant cost savings. By eliminating manual tasks, your employees’ working time is reduced and fewer resources are needed. Furthermore, errors and their effects can be minimized, which avoids additional costs.

Improved data quality+

By automating document processes, you can improve the quality of data. AIQA identifies and corrects erroneous or inconsistent data for you. This leads to higher accuracy and reliability of the data.

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The development of AI applications requires time, patience and experience. With AIMS, you can easily create common AI applications through visual linking, without programming skills.

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Überzeugen sie sich selbst


Kompatible Grafikkarten

Wenn Sie leistungsstarke Hardware von NVIDIA besitzen, können Sie das volle Potenzial von AI-UI entfesseln. Durch den Einsatz einer CUDA fähigen Grafikkarte können sie KI Modelle deutlich schneller trainieren und produktiv nutzen als es mit herkömmlicher Grafikhardware der Fall wäre!

Unter folgendem Link finden Sie eine Liste von NVIDIA Grafikkarten, die CUDA unterstützen:


CUDA Toolkit & CUDNN

Zum optimalen Betrieb einer CUDA Karte ist es notwendig, dass sie sich das „Cuda Toolkit“ so wie “CuDNN” bei NVIDIA herunterladen. Für CuDNN ist eine kostenfreie Registrierung bei NVIDIA notwendig.

Cuda Toolkit
Es wird mindestens Cuda version 11.2.x benötigt.

Es wird min. CuDNN 8.1.x benötigt

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