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The industrial sector offers diverse areas of application for artificial intelligence. Use AI to process and evaluate large volumes of complex data efficiently and quickly. Improve your product quality by detecting and evaluating defects or properties of objects and surfaces with AI-supported image analysis. Make automated decisions based on external factors within a short time. Compare changes cost-effectively by having a digital twin simulate your original system.


The high volume of (handwritten) documents in the office and administration ties up resources, causes costs and harbors sources of error. By using artificial intelligence, you can automate the processing and management of documents and trigger the targeted extraction of information.

Hardware refinement / upgrade

Already developed your own hardware and want to take your product to the next level? Then use our high-quality AI solutions to give your products the upgrade they need to compete tomorrow.


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Our billing is done in packages. For you, this means that you only pay for the scope of use that you require. Based on your expected query volume, we tailor the package exactly to your needs.

Transparency made in Germany

Our AI solutions are developed and maintained exclusively in Germany. We guarantee a permanently responsible handling of your projects. The visual user interface makes your AI systems and their functionalities more clearly comprehensible than when working with program code.

Extend your own software with AI

AI-UI uses a client/server architecture. This means that our AI services can be used independently of the UI. Send your data from an external application directly to AIMS using the REST interface. With the highest level of data protection, your own software can thus be custom extended with AI.

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The integration of AI into your work processes offers endless possibilities. If you are undecided or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on how and where artificial intelligence could help your company to a new upswing.



In industrial robotics, camera systems are very often used to detect objects and avoid collisions. However, the software that enables object detection is often unable to do this under varying light conditions because it is based on classical algorithms. Therefore, robots are often completely isolated from external light influences in their cells, which is no longer possible with the increasing use of cobots. With the help of an image recognition AI, it was achieved in this project that objects could be successfully found even without additional light sources and that all light influences could be eliminated.

The Mehnert Lab brings collaboration to Industry 4.0: In times of digital transformation and permanent changes in markets and industries, cooperation, synergy and knowledge exchange become essential for growth and progress. As a hub of industrial collaboration, the Mehnert Lab brings together different players in the value creation process, enabling the joint development of new business models and service concepts as well as the qualification of skilled workers.

  • AI training
  • Use of an object recognition AI in robotics
  • Annotation of images

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